LANAP is a progressive technique using a specialized periodontal laser to destroy the bacteria which cause periodontal disease and alter the infected tissue so that it has the opportunity to heal.  The use of the laser is a less invasive technique as compared to traditional Phase 2 (surgical) approaches and results in a quick and less painful recovery.  There are many types of lasers being used more and more in the profession of dentistry today.  Different lasers use different wavelengths of energy to do different jobs.  Some of these different types of lasers include; diode lasers, CO2 lasers and erbium lasers to name a few.  For the treatment of periodontal disease, studies have show that the NdYag laser is the most effective in selectively eradicating the bad bacteria and infected tissues which cause the progression of periodontal disease.  As patients receiving care for periodontal disease, it is important to know what type of laser your clinician is using.  The LANAP technique is the only protocol which utilizes the NdYag laser.  If it's not an NdYag, it's not LANAP.


How LANAP Works


     A.  Depth of pocket is measured under anesthesia

     B.  Laser selectively removes pocket lining

     C.  Ultrasonic/Piezo scaler & special hand instruments clean the root surfaces (SRP)

     D.  Laser disinfects pockets and seals the wound

     E.  Tissue is compressed against the tooth

     F.  Bite is adjusted through selective grinding and re-shaping

     G.  Healing results in new attachment

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